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SCript to do a ping test to a server and collect the result to report against

  • Hi has anyone got a script to do a ping test to a server and collect the results to be able to report against e.g. custom filed or procedure log ?

  • I don't have the procedure the the the process is pretty easy to do

    create a new procedure

    do an execute shell command : Ping ip address >> C:\temp\results.txt

    Get File to Get File and then you can send the file in a email to you

  • Buster's right about the method - pretty straightforward, but I have to ask "What are you trying to accomplish?"

    If you want to know if the server is responding, Ping and an agent procedure is the wrong tool. Today's NICs will reply even if the server is brain-dead. We use KNM for this for a query to the O/S itself to determine functionality.

    If you're looking for ms response times, then a straight Ping from a command prompt may not be the easiest way to get the data. You'll probably want to use some scripting language to extract the times, or even find a tool more suited to the task.


  • Yes thank you for your response, i have another post about CRM diagnostics report which is really what i want but as it needs human interaction it cant be scripted, i have asked if anyone knows how to script that e.g they have a tool that brings back the same results, but the first part of the report it provides looks like a simple ping test, which is why i was looking at that first. If you have any ideas on how to get the same info at the crm diagnostics that would be even better :-) thanks Garry

  • Thanks i will look at this