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Patch Reporting and Exports

  • Hello All,

    Fairly new to the Kaseya SaaS and I am trying to create some reports and have them exported on a daily basis for overview but I cannot seem to find the data that I am looking for.

    I wan to get a report of all outstanding patches and their respective counts, 1 for all servers and 1 for all workstations.  I do not want to get a list per machine as that list tends to be extremely long.

    I also want to build a historical view of our patch success to be able to have a view of the trend

    I have configured view and options to get details of the top offenders with missing patches etc but the reporting is a bit complex compared to my previous tool.

    I figured someone may have already gone through this and may be able to point me in the right direction instead of re-creating the wheel. 

  • Hello Mikey,

    you must create a new Report from current Vulnerabilities and there you can group by Patch Name.

    Info Center -> Reporting -> new Report -> Software Management -> New Custom -> choose Report Part Softwaremanagement -> drag and drop Current Vul. -> choose Table -> configure -> Add columns and group them by 

    You can change the column type from machine Id to COUND and will get only the number of machines needed patches 

    Greetings Till

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  • Till- I will go ahead and give it a try and see if I can configure the report view as requested.  The repot parts\ settings and their respective values have been a challenge for me but hopefully I can get the results that I am looking for.  Will keep you posted

  • @mikey090tx, just a note, this assumes you are using the new Software Management module, and not Patch Management module.