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Generate a report for login times/how often a PC is used.

  • We are trying to generate a report for how often a PC is actually used. How do we go about setting that up? Is there a quick way? Is it possible?

    Scenario: I have 30 PC's in a public location, these are guest use only PC's. I need to see if all the PC's are actually being used, and how often. I'd like to generate a report and look at pc's individually/as a group and see if the usage is high enough to need more pc's, or low enough that I can take pc's out and use them elsewhere.

  • Define 'being used'. Kaseya tracks online/offline, logged in and idle (via the agent status icon). So, there is data in the system. Getting it out into a useful report is the real challenge.

  • Our PC's reboot after a certain amount of time of inactivity. So Logged in and idle is kinda what we're looking at.