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General performance monitor exclusion policy

  • I have disk performance monitor set and assigned through policy management. I am not finding way to exclude alarms/alerts from these. let us say between 8pm till 8am I want no alerts from this monitor set. I know exclusion settings are not there in assign monitor sets but just if someone has a way out please share

    In same kaseya policy I can add suspend alarm trigger but that will suspend all backup alerts, patch alerts, AV alerts, event log alerts etc. as well. So not looking at this.



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  • Our Advanced Ticket Processing module handles this kind of situation. For example, we have clients where we have optimized the server environment, and others who did not want to pay for the service. We apply performance monitors to all servers, but based on client settings, we can prevent all performance alerts; allow them during the period our help desk is active; during the period where their coverage hours are active; or during a specific set of hours, with separate times for weekdays and weekends/holidays. This is an example using performance, but the same capabilities apply to all monitor types. ATP has additional automation capabilities, such as procedure-based remediation, deduplication, event filtering, and smart notification for on-call.

    What's unique is that the monitor alerts aren't suppressed - the alerts still come in to VSA so you can review what happened if needed. The ATP module acknowledges the alert and makes the decision, based on the above criteria, whether to actually send a ticket to your PSA.

    We developed this a few years ago when we could not easily configure VSA to accommodate this level of customization for alerting. Selective delivery of alerts, combined with better quality monitor sets and Smart Monitors, we found that alerts reaching the help desk were reduced nearly 62% over the prior year without this automation, and that's with a >50% increase in agents during the same period. With 3100 managed endpoints being monitored, we have fewer than 25 alert-based PSA tickets each day. We do deploy maintenance to all agents each day, which helps reduce many nuisance alerts.


  • Glenn, Thanks for your reply. What I gather from your reply that you have a way to so. Can you please share what settings you use to exclude monitor hours

  • There aren't "settings"  in VSA. We have an application we developed that evaluates each alert as it arrives in VSA, compares it to a table of events, customers, and allowed times and either drops the event or allows it to pass to the PSA. This ability is lacking in VSA and is what often results in an overload of tickets in your help desk.

    You can learn more at www.mspbuilder.com.