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Roadmap for 9.6

  • I am struggling to understand much of what is being complained about.  Slow and steady wins the race, and from where we sit, Kaseya has done an excellent job of refining the base product over the past two years and focusing on core functionality.  

    For us, patch management, monitoring, alerting, scripting, and remote control all work just fine.  While my engineering team cannot stand the Kaseya interface, it has done the job well. We do not use Traverse or BMM.

    In terms of future updates, I'll say what I always tell our vendors and partners: just don't screw up your core competency.  I'll take steady, incremental, reliable progress over big flashy updates every day of the week.  

  • While I am disappointed like many people that the product has been spinning its wheels for a while, I do agree with tgrundke that this method of continual development is probably best.  The core functionality is what we need improved and this is the way it's going to happen.  If they could get Patch Mgmt better suited for Win10 it would be great because Software Mgmt just plain sucks.  If you install quality updates, it still thinks security updates and applicable.  It's just plain stupid.   Scripting works but could be better and needs to get that Flash plugin out of the way.  And alerting is fine and remote control does seem to be getting better.  Please keep improving the core!

  • Whatever happened to 9.6 that was due in October 2018? Now it's June 2019 and no information yet again...

  • Kaseya has adopted the increasingly popular release cadence of not holding features for a major release, instead, including new feature along with our regular patch updates when they are ready, eliminating the need for a "9.6".  Patches releases are targeted for about every 1 - 2 months but will be delayed when quality requires it.