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Roadmap for 9.6

  • - If you have a customer success representative (beautiful name for what they do) that doesn't respond to your calls and/or emails there are two options. He or she is not qualified or overwhelmed, not sure what option applies here.

    We're getting near 7000 agents at this time, so we're certainly not the largest. And for us it's been 3 years since we joined the Customer Success Council and were up to our eyeballs in Kaseya problems. Our success guy escalated our concerns and management got involved. Which led to us being known to management, being visible, being able to talk to one of the VP's. And I can only tell you Kaseya management have always been responsive....  If they get involved things start moving rapidly. Not sure if you know who to talk to, but could take this up with Kaseya if you'd like. Although someone from Kaseya should definitely jump on this now....

  • Chris, on Connect last week they announced to provide monthly updates to VSA.

    9.6 is still in review but they look forward to bring it this year.

  • @OudjesEric,

    Sorry late answer..  was in holidays :-)

    I did not delete my post.. and I think it is still there (i can see it).

    I think this forum may contains few bugs..  (for example, I can no longer add posts using Rich Formatting which is very annoying when I want to help someone with a script/ procedure). I can't even add attachments..

    I don't even bother asking kaseya to fix it considering I have no answers from them since many months on the VSA bugs I reported...

    I will criticize Kaseya for what I think they do wrong but they have never been so dishonest to remove my post.


  • | - I'm glad to hear you had some rest, instead of not caring, which is a lot worse. As a fellow Kaseya administrator I'd sure think you deserved it!  I agree Kaseya as a whole absolutely wouldn't be dishonest, but I've seen indivduals do crazy stuff to keep their job. Let's abandon this unproductive thoughts, it could be a notification was sent, before the post was approved, that little bug could explain it.

    I can use Rich Formatting on the forum and have been able to do so in Chrome without fail, and this is posted in Rich Formatting...

    About reporting things, well, things have taken a turn for the better this time. I feel the new CTO fellow, John Durant, has taken matters in hand in a positive manner. Unfortunately all the backlog and things reported a long time ago, might have gotten lost in the system. I would suggest opening new tickets or if they're closed revisited the old ones so you don't loose the history, if there is any.

    And if you'd care to share what you feel the issues are, I can try and get some visibility for you or at least answers if they're acknowledged as real issues and if they actually make the list of bugs Kaseya is willing to work on. I saw some broad areas you mention and they certainly need attention. But it needs to be more specific for it to fit in a defect they can work on.

    The past two patches for 9.5 (the .15 and recent .16 one) have fixed a big number of known and documented fixes as mentioned in the Release Notes. And some that didn't really get mentioned in the notes but have proven fixed. Even if they fixed less patches then they wanted, it seems the list of high-priority patches is empty or nearly so. So, there is time to work on the annoying and daily shizzle we have to deal with. And some resources to develop what they have, instead of piling on the new things....

    So, keep the faith and if I can do something. let me know!

  • @OudjesEric
    Armed with renewed faith I opened a ticket to get my Forum account fixed and they have fixed it! (note the bold statement :-)) 

    Not sure since when the new CTO has joined but I have tickets opened since.. beginning 2018 (all confirmed and reproducible by support)

    1. KNM (Syslog not working - confirmed by support)
    2. KRC (slow like PAINFULLY slow in a slow bandwidth environment especially compared to Teamviewer or RDP). Confirmed by support plus I have a video.
    3. KRC File Transfer (hit and miss but mostly not working or super slow). Kaseya FTP worked better but now since it is an Executable it takes too many clicks to make it even usable

    Communication on those 3 items went back and forth from 4th April 2018.
    Asking for a status resulted in our "Customer Success Consultant" to stop answering our Emails all-together.

    I even sent her an Email saying "I am moving to another platform" to see if she would care to respond..  nothing, silence :-)
    They should change their name from Customer Success to Customer Avoidance :-) (I have sent like 12 emails 1 every few days / weeks)

    And when I post a comment to our tickets requesting an update we receive a standard

    Hi Alessandro,
    Currently, we don't have an ETA on when the patch would be released however will try to reach out the engineering team and will update you.

    Especially KRC performances for us are daunting because they make my technicians refuse to use the system.

    Although I thank you for the offer I doubt you alone can do much with the above..  

  • If I can help in anyway from the Kaseya side: Please feel free to PM me.

  • Hello Oscar,

    Thank you for your offer.

    I have sent you a PM through this forum "Friend Request"

  • Well , having involved is a good thing. After your forum account this is the next step. He'll take you seriously and will do what needs to be done! You're on the way to some Kaseya life support to get your questions addressed, and if they resonate with other users maybe even solved...  It's one of the realities of a lot of supplier support, you just have to keep making noise to get heard. It's no fun, it takes a lot of time and energy, but it gets the job done...

    To address your issues:

    1. We don't use KNM at this time, instead relying on PRTG;

    2. We have some ships that we remote to, we know having to deal with 3G bandwith makes KRC a challenge;

    3. Doing File Transfers in the old style Live Connect is our preferred method and tends to work for us.

    We do have pretty decent internet speeds overall, for our customers and that really helps keeping the times for a file transfer down to manageable proportions. Let us know how you get on....

  • Thanks for the comments  .

    1. I like PRTG a lot (you get 100 sensors free :-) ) but I thought using one integrated product would give us some benefits.. probably have to consider switching out from KNM.

    2. 3G connection? that is a luxury for us and everyone in our segment. A Drillship with more than hundred people in it, shares among them a 2Mbit VSAT connection shared with everything (Email, phones, browsing, downloading, patching, antivirus, updates etc.). I understand this is an edgy situation but RDP and Teamviewer cope with this beautifully. Kaseya does not and cannot be used at all in this environment.

    3 Old Style Live Connect? Is that what you have enabled by default and use for daily support?

    Of course one could switch out from KNM and move to PRTG, switch out from KRC to Teamviewer, Switch off the new Live Connect and use the old / non developed LC but that does not look like a winning strategy for Kaseya (have their clients switch off all of their modules as much as possible to remain with...  a grid of agents with machine information on it and a script runner ?

    Not even mentioning how can one trust purchasing add-on from the core system :-)

    Anyway I am done crying on your shoulder :-)

    Hopefully Oscar will shed some light (or have someone else turn on a flashlight).

  • - I can only appreciate you keeping a sense of humor about this. It doesn't help fix anything, but it keeps things from bogging you down.

    1. Our last serious look at KNM is long ago and we didn't fancy it then, and if I hear you know we still won't. We wanted to use the same platform, but if you really need to, Traverse is probably the way to go. That takes a bit of money and a lot of your time, but will solve those challenges you face. We haven't gone this way yet, mostly for lack of manpower;

    2. I can only admit we are very fortunate with most of our lines. But our online backup can stress lines up to the max and then you can forget about KRC and KLC. I have to note Kaseya still supports RDP on their Remote Connect tab, so the fallback option is there;

    3. We're considering to finally abandon the old Live Connect. And yes we still have that active to give us the option of using the old or new style Live Connect. We miss a few things in the new Live Connect, like the option to set Custom Fields, which we use to trigger monitoring and reporting for invoices.

    I did send a short note to someone to call attention to your struggles and ask for some extra focus, All in the spirit of sharing and caring, the spotlight is on, now it's your turn to lead the song and dance... ;-)

  • Hey guys,

    1.  Traverse VSA module is currently in beta. Traverse is strong and as a result you will see the module available to client's in early 2019.  I have spoken to client's who have either shifted from KNM, PRTG, SW, and other solutions to TV.

    2. This is tricky; essentially even the check-in time should be adjusted for slower internet speeds in my opinion.  I dealt with that plenty of times.

    3. OLD Live connect needed to be retired due to its dependency on NPAPI.  There are some pros and cons with OLD LC vs NEW LC.  

  • Hello Oscar,

    1. when TV comes out from Beta I may try it, but if KNM is discontinued it should be taken out from VSA Core.

    If it stays at least bugs should be fixed.

    2. Agreed on check-in-time on slower connections but it still does not justify why Teamviewer works and KRC doesn't on the same agent with the same check-in-time.

    sure RDP is still supported... but if you try it now, it takes forever first to download the exe and connect (like several minutes). Microsoft RDP opens immediately.

    3 Old Live Connect for me is out and should be removed (same as KNM if no longer maintained).

    Focus should be on new LC to ensure that nobody miss old LC.

    There should not be pros and cons moving to new LC (only pro) :-)

  • Ehm...

    1. The TV VSA module is only the new integration, it's still a paid module, right? So, TV won't actually replace the free KNM module. So, if that's true Kaseya really needs to fix bugs on KNM;

    2. If KRC and KLC are tricky and RDP/TeamViewer just work, it should be made to be less tricky and more reliable. That's the one thing I keep finding this super-duper new Live Connect is still short on, despite being around for 3 years or so;

    3. Old Live Connect is still very much an option, so not retired yet. A heads up when this will be retired would be appreciated. I agree the new LC should be a big focuspoint and should exceed the old LC. If and when this happens I'll switch immediately.

    I vote for more fresh KLC pro points as well (out with the old, in with the new).. :-)

  • 1. The cost is the same as an agent.  While you may need to buy Traverse licenses, from a cost perspective it is the same as an agent.  KNM will still remain and be supported however, features and enhancements are largely centered around Traverse.

    2. Improvements are being made in KRC along with the actual agent framework as well.

  • I might be the only person who rarely seems to have a problem with KRC/KLC.  It's certainly not 100% bug-free but the issues I run into are pretty tame.

    That said, definitely looking forward to Traverse, and the new pricing model is definitely something I'll be able to get my management team sold on, especially because at that price point I can definitely get it on a few machines to start with and if it does what I've seen from demo's and whitepapers it'll practically sell itself after that.