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Roadmap for 9.6

  • - If you have a customer success representative (beautiful name for what they do) that doesn't respond to your calls and/or emails there are two options. He or she is not qualified or overwhelmed, not sure what option applies here.

    We're getting near 7000 agents at this time, so we're certainly not the largest. And for us it's been 3 years since we joined the Customer Success Council and were up to our eyeballs in Kaseya problems. Our success guy escalated our concerns and management got involved. Which led to us being known to management, being visible, being able to talk to one of the VP's. And I can only tell you Kaseya management have always been responsive....  If they get involved things start moving rapidly. Not sure if you know who to talk to, but could take this up with Kaseya if you'd like. Although someone from Kaseya should definitely jump on this now....

  • Chris, on Connect last week they announced to provide monthly updates to VSA.

    9.6 is still in review but they look forward to bring it this year.