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Roadmap for 9.6

  • Will there be a roadmap for 9.6 and then 9.7 posted at all?


  • We presented our roadmap and vision at  our Connect conference.  While we construct our road-map to be shared publicly; you can reach out to your account manager to schedule a presentation around the roadmap and vision with one of my colleagues and they would be happy to share it with you.

  • Hey Oscar,

    I was at Connect -  I'm not sure if the original topic owner on this was or not, but that was almost two months ago -- i think he (and I) would like some kind of written commitment beyond a presentation, ideally with target dates -- you know, like a roadmap :)

    I know I'm excited for the upcoming changes, and we'd like to have the ability to share those changes internally with people beyond word of mouth.

  • Is there a recording of the presentation at the Connect conference?

    If so please make it available to us all.

    Also as Chris states, some dates around the Roadmap would help as well. Don't want to have a repeat of 2017 with no major release delivered.

    There are areas of the product that need some serious attention:

    Reporting          make it easier to use - others RMM tools provide better reporting

    Ticketing           what is happening here - we have ticketing, Service desk and BMS

    KRC                  is this going to stay or be replaced with a 3rd party, teamviewer or equivalent

    Patching            use what Patch Management or Software Deployment

    Look and Feel   work towards a standard look and feel, different parts look and act differently

    Is am sure there are more, but these are the things that annoy me day to day.

    Personally and as many have requested on Feature requests site, lets get the current product working as it should and then look at the adding of new features. Sure there will be new features that are required to be added and it might be easier to replace a current module with a new one, but communicate with us.

    The competition has caught up and a number have overtaken Kaseya in the RMM space.

    Let's work towards making Kaseya great.


  • There are a limited number of sessions from Connect that are available to attendees. It's only the presentations, not a video recording. If you would like access to those materials, please reach out to your customer success rep.