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Where is the latest Patch?

  • It's been a month since the last patch update for 9.5 and almost 3 months for 9.4

    Surely there are plenty of issues waiting to be fixed, when is the next patch update coming.


  • We are on the final phases of validation and QA for our next patch.  

  • So it's now over another month since the last patch, is this going to be the pattern now.

    What happened to the two patches a month?

  • The two week patch cycle was a promise committed to back when Yogesh was CEO. That policy is dead as far as I know.

    As I understand it, there is no specific patch cadence now, patches will come out if and when they are ready.

    I for one take this as a bad sign - lack of patches says to me, a lack of development. As usual the communication from Kaseya is less than ideal on the matter.

    I'm told 9.6 will be due for release or at least beta some time around October...I can only hope all the work is going into 9.6, and this is why there are fewer patches for existing versions.

  • Well, it's a bit different and has been for a few weeks, or maybe even since Connect.

    As of now a monthly patch schedule is the goal and that has been communicated somewhere, I did read about this. The 20th is the targeted date for the fix. However the July patch ran into issues on testing and they haven't been fixed yet. There is a Patching topic and it would be expected for Kaseya to put some info there.

    I should know when the next patch is due in a few hours.

    As far as 9.6 goes my guess is as good as yours. Jim Schenck told me a few months back the beta program would start at the end of June, but I've got no recent info on this.