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Method for Deploying Software from UNC Share

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Kaseya friends,

We are a recent installation into the Kaseya family and we are operating Kaseya VSA 9.4 currently (In the process of trying to get to 9.5). We have a complex application that needs to be deployed to over 1000 machines. Unfortunately, it isn't an MSI, but rather a setup that does have a /silent command. However, it needs the full source of the application files which is located on a UNC path that is protected by a password. This application is often updated; so needing to re-upload the application to the VSA server would be tedious. Is there a way to deploy this application, from a UNC Share, that has a mess of dependencies and run silently?


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  • Create a bat file that maps the drive, using a parameter (%1) for at least the password. Put the batch file in  C:\Temp\MyApp - execute the bat file from a command prompt in that folder (passing it the password) and make sure it installs the app BY HAND. You can try this through Live Connect. Once this works, using Kaseya should be a snap to deploy more widely.

    When that works, you can keep just the bat file on VSA and use a procedure to create the folder, deploy the BAT file, then execute the bat file, passing it the password. You could even save the password in a private Managed Variable to limit exposure.

    There's a way to NET USE a resource to establish a secure connection without mapping a drive, but I don't remember the object to map offhand. Mapping a drive establishes the secure connection to the server, allowing the UNC references to succeed. I'd also close the connection with a NET USE <Resource> /DELETE /Y


  • thankyou mr atupceck you are a life saver  thats great news  

    really they deployed 1000 machines  WOW thats shocking

    thanks for sharing this with us it was really helpfull