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  • Hello everyone,

    We are attempting to create some custom reporting from the Software Management module, much like the built-in reporting for the Patching module. Unfortunately, the built-in reporting features in the Software Management module are somewhat lacking.

    Essentially, we're looking to create a report which lists the machine ID (hostname) and number of vulnerabilities from the Software Management module, but I cannot seem to find the location of the database tables for the vulnerabilities. I'm really not sure if I'm headed the right direction to get what we need here, but figured it was a good start.

    Any input or ideas would be tremendously appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • We are running into the same roadblock and it just seems very unclear as to why you cannot have the same data sets when the data exists on the module but cannot report it.  The other bug i hate is that you cannot copy the contents from the vulnerabilities list either.  Very limited module