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Mac malware exploits rise by 270% in 2017 - Thoughts?

  • As reported by Malwarebytes, found this out while reading this article this morning: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3262225/apple-mac/warning-as-mac-malware-exploits-climb-270.html#tk.rss_security

    Many users believe that Mac and iOS are invulnerable to these types of attacks when clearly, they are not.

    What processes do you have in place to inform your clients that they really need to vigilant and up to date on their security for personal/work devices, and what types of technology do you implement to try and stop these attacks from happening?

  • I think people are reading less and less emails regarding security notices because there is like one a week. We do require all Macs that connect to the environment to have anti-virus and typically are recommending BitDefender. Previously used Kaspersky, but it just had issue after issue. Had a ticket open with them for almost 2 years as it was impossible to VPN in with Kaspersky enabled.