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Windows Patches not showing

  • I agree with completely. For many reasons not least of which are 1000s of agents that require 24/7 monitoring and stability of/problems with the latest versions as they are released, we hold off on upgrading our Kaseya estate until the first few patches are out of the gate and the community seems more content with a new version.

    We are currently on version 9.4 and will be moving to 9.5 over the next few weeks, however both versions are still very much supported by Kaseya, so it is always disappointing to learn that an issue that should be a basic tenet for an RMM (in this case the ability to patch Windows 10 build 1709) are addressed for the latest version, but will not be fixed in the previous version.

    We don't need to be pushed into a new version upgrade every 6 months, we just need stability and some age old problems fixing.

  • - if possible you may want to hold off on 9.5 for a bit longer as I've just had a support ticket passed to engineering whereby patch scans on 1709 and 1803 systems are returning 'somewhat' incorrect metadata that is then making it's way into the VSA. I'd presume they will fix this sooner rather than later so if you're not in a great hurry it may pay to wait until their new patch scan process gets 'debugged'.