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9.5 Patch Released Today - no notes?

  • Today I got a notification on my VSA that there was a new patch available  However, I do not seem to see any notes about what this patch is or does??  Can anyone shed any light? 

  • Hmmm Apparently more to do with the security issues...


  • There was apparently *also* a patch for 9.4 released today, it has a bit longer release notes on things.


  • Hey all,

    All information on today's patch update that went out can be found in our KB article here: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../360000333152

    Let me know if you need anything else.



  • also created a thread on the topic here: community.kaseya.com/.../23878.aspx

  • So is the security hole still open even if we installed the patch from 1/29/18? I'm curious if we can wait and install this patch tonight after-hours, or if it's something we need to install immediately. That post by Oscar contains no useful information regarding the security fix, and doesn't state what our risk is if we already installed the last patch.


  • thanks for your response. The purpose of this patch is to further harden VSA's product security, therefore we reccomend that all on-premises customes download and install it immediately.

  • Thanks, we installed it on ours over the lunch hour.

  • I'm new to Kaseya and just set up our server last week.  I saw the release notes for the 9.5 patch, but can't figure out where to go to download the patch.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Hi,

    To install the latest patch for 9.5, simply follow these steps:

    • Download the KInstall file on the Kaseya Server, download.kaseya.com/KInstall.exe

    • Run it as an Administrator...

    • Step through the wizard...

    • When prompted, choose the first option - Install addons only. Do not upgrade VSA.

    • Click Next...

    • The installer will step through the System Check... once it completes, click OK and then Next to proceed

    • Once you get to the Addon Installation wizard page, make sure the last item down the list, the Kaseya Patch Process is selected:

    • Click Next and complete the remaining steps to install the patch.

    Note: Re-running the installation will restart all Kaseya services, do this after hours,