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Anyone else using Webroot and CryptoPrevent?

  • We recently started using Webroot and noticed it conflicts with CryptoPrevent (https://www.foolishit.com/cryptoprevent-malware-prevention/). 

    At first webroot seemed to be working properly but then slowly computers stopped checking in and the application wouldnt work 100%. 

    After working with support we found out that while CyryptoPrevent is installed the "Memory Commit Size" for WRSA.exe process continues to grow until it hits max that windows allows then some funtions in webroot stop working. I restart fixes this temporarily but only to happen soon after again. 

    I've been working with webroot to fix this but surprised that i never heard any other people mention this issue. 

  • So uninstalling cryptoprevent fixes the problem?

    On a side note, from our tests cryptoprevent doesn't help on a vast majority of recent crypto variants.