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Five Cyber Security Threats Enterprises Will Confront in 2018

  • So this article I was reading on eWeek (http://www.eweek.com/security/five-cyber-security-threats-enterprises-will-confront-in-2018) came up with a few predictions for what enterprise companies will face in 2018 in terms of cyber attacks.

    Here are the top 5:

    1. Ransomware attacks will get worse
    2. Phishing attacks will become a bigger threat than in 2017
    3. Leaked exploits will make the spread of malware attacks even harder to defend
    4. Malware be more targeted
    5. Stupidity will persist

    Thoughts? Anything you're doing to specifically to prepare for these predictions?

  • 2017 is the year which has some of the biggest cyber threats in history, with lot of businesses having been hit by the cyber attacks. Like this year, cyber threats will confront in 2018 also.

    Here are some of the important points to consider for 2018:

    General Data Protection Regulation

    Be alert about Ransomware

    Data Breaches and how you handle it

    The Weak Link IoT

    Application Testing and Patching

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