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SMBs Struggle with Data Security - Thoughts?

  • I was reading an article on Channelnomics recently (https://www.channelnomics.com/channelnomics-us/news/3020770/todays-channel-rundown-9-november-2017 - good read if you have the time), that dived into some of the findings from our 2017 IT Ops Survey Results.

    What I found to be extremely interesting was the fact that 44% of the IT execs the responded that attempting to secure data and privacy has been their biggest challenge throughout 2017.

    With that in mind, is your business planning on doing anything in 2018 to capitalize off of this fact? I assume most of you already offer security services to clients, but is there anything you're doing specifically to differentiate yourself?

  • Many businesses not prepared for the tricks that hackers use to extract data. So secure your data and privacy is very important. Follow these steps for better data security:

    Protecting Transaction Logs and Data

    Validation and Filtration of End-Point Inputs

    Securing and Protecting Data in Real Time

    Protecting Access Control Method Communication and Encryption

    Privacy Protection for Non-Rational Data Stores

    Use multiple layers of security

    Have a strong privacy policy