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version confusion

  • Currently our VSA says our latest agent version is and I know a patch was just released for 

    I asked my rep about this and was told that the agent version and VSA versions were two different things and that we were using the latest version available for both. Is this correct? We're running SaaS so we're not on-prem but this doesn't sound correct. 

  • Rep is correct. There are multiple 'versions' within kaseya.

    The "major version" marketing, the website etc. refers to: currently 9.4

    The VSA "kServer" build number: currently The first release of VSA 9.4 had a build number of

    The agent build number: currently for windows, mac and linux, but each OS can be different to each other, and different to the kServer build number.

    The VSA kServer patch level: currently

    Each of the above 5 "versions" can be different at any time.

  • Thanks for clearing that up. No wonder I was confused!

    I think what perpetuated it was that the only "version" listed anywhere in the SaaS VSA is