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I am and MSP that has been transitioning clients from the break fix model to the  managed services model.  We currently have remote monitoring software deployed on many computers but we are ramping up our sales strategy to bring more customers online.

I do not have a good proposal template in place including a pricing matrix and have had extreme difficulty finding one online.   Would anyone be willing to share your proposal template including your pricing matrix with me? Ie- what you would send to the prospect to present your offering?

we have to present to a 30 user law firm this week so I'm in A bit of a bind.  Thanks everyone. 

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  • Moderator- is there a better place to put this question for a response?   ie- category?

  • Honestly, I'd look into joining a peer group such as HTG to get information like this.  You'll find that most of the users on this forum are the "Tech" guys who are managing and using Kaseya on a daily basis, with a lot less of the "business guys".  A peer group like HTG is more geared towards helping the business side of things.

  • Hi Jonathan.   thank you for the response.

    pardon my ignorance, but what is HTG?

  • HTG is a peer group of MSP's and IT providers that get together and share business practices etc.   It stands for Heartland Technology Group, as it initially started with an IT company out of Iowa.  There are other groups like this out there as well, but HTG just happens to be the one I'm the most familar with, as the MSP that I work for has been a member off and on for about the last 12 years.  


  • Thanks Jonathan...  that group looks like an expensive wine on my beer budget.   Would you have any other suggestions/ forums/ groups/ something else, that i can look into for a proposal example including pricing?   It's been such a grind trying to find something, in what i would consider, to be something very simple.   uggghhhh

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    You might want to check out Kaseya's 2017 MSP Pricing Survey results.  It could be a good starting point/comparison:  www.kaseya.com/.../2017-msp-pricing-survey-results