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Delete or Rename Custom Field

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I am not able to find the Delete Custom Field or Rename Custom Field anywhere, all I see is New Custom Field. Can someone please point me to it?

Thank you much.

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  • I believe what you're looking for is under:

    Audit>View Individual Data>Machine Summary


    They should be available next to new custom field if access rights allows it:

  • Sorry I don't see it, where can I change "access rights" ?


    Are you the administrator of the VSA? 

    If not, you will need to ask your VSA Administrator for these access rights.

    If you are, what Role/Scope are you using?

  • ,  you are on our Virtual Administrator hosted servers, so you have a little different setup.   While we allow you to create your own custom fields, we do not allow you to delete or change them.   You have a ticket open with us, and we have responded there, the issue should be fixed.    Please be sure to reach out to us directly for any support issues in the future.  Thanks!