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Can't select a view to assign to a policy

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Hi all,

I have a weird situation with VSA

I have typical system views defined:

The one up top is called "AllWindowsDesktops". I've shared it with public, other administrators, etc.

The problem is that in the policy page, when assigning a policy, I click the dropdown and don't get any views AT ALL, not even the System views. I've tested 3 browsers (IE, FF, Chrome), two different laptops, always using the original admin account into Kaseya.

No go.

Anyone have any ideas on something I may not have done?

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  • Additionally, I appear to have the exact same issue as this user:


    Also, my VSA version is with a patch level of

  • We use views for policy control extensively in our RMM Suite. A couple of thoughts and best practices from our experience:

    • Create new views specifically for policy control. (Select an existing view and Save As, then tweak as needed). Give them a unique prefix such as "Z_POL" to clearly identify them as policy control views. We identify sub-classes of views for general use, remediation, and customer-specific.
    • Always create these views using the "Master" account. We have a specific Role for Kaseya administration, so only the Master and this role have access to these views, and only Master and members of this role manage policies. No other users need access to these views.
    • Most of our policy control views show only machines that are not suspended, and most other controls are defined using the Advanced data filter. Some policies (like auto-remediate) also select agents that have been online in the past 1 minute.
    • Policies that perform host-specific settings never have a view associated, forcing them to be linked manually to a machine.
    • Verify your views using the Master account - select ALL Groups and then apply your new view - does everything show up as expected? Anything showing up that shouldn't? Fix these before linking the policy that uses this view.

    One thing I saw recently at an MSP client was the original Master account had been renamed, then - over many years and several administrators - had the Master scope and role removed. Several strange things occur there, and we're still working with Kaseya to identify and resolve this. We're looking at recovering this account through SQL updates to be the true "Master" account again. Make sure your Master account really is the master!



    This sounds like an issue I recently reported, (Problem Ticket #: 160521) I would recommend creating a support ticket and referring to this problem ticket.

    I would double check if the referenced stored procedure in the following KB article is in your database:


    If not, go ahead and locate it in the specified path in the KB article and execute it on the SQL Server via SSMS to create it.

    Let us know if that already exists, which would indicate this is a different problem.

    Also,  does make some great recommendations for best practices with Views and Policy Mgmt.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks but this has not helped....

    I get a response of:

    Msg 2714, Level 16, State 3, Procedure getPolicyViewsForAdmin, Line 1
    There is already an object named 'getPolicyViewsForAdmin' in the database.

    I will lodge a support ticket I think.


    If its already created, you may want to give it a go and execute the stored procedure.

    If that doesn't help I would leave it up to support as they can review your system.