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Windows Server 2016 - When will it be supported by Kaseya?

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We have customers that are looking into purchasing new servers with Server 2016 and would like to know when Kaseya will be officially support it?

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  • And 9.2.....?

  • Kaseya will be providing support for Windows 2016 in versions 9.3 and 9.4.  Both versions will be patched in December 2016 to provide this support.

  • doesn't mention the 2016 fix: help.kaseya.com/.../RN

    Are we to assume it'll be in now?

  • .24 was a quick release to deal with two critical issues.  We are planning to have the 9.3 support for Windows 2016 in .25.

  • What really annoys me is that Kaseya say they are not fixing 9.2.  They consistently refuse to patch n-1.  Makes you wonder where your support $$$ are going.

  • We've now tested (if only for 24 hours) the agent support for server 2016 in RC and everything is running as expected. Hopefully Kaseya 9.4 will go GA soon :)


  • still waiting for .25 to support 2016 :)

  • The current plan is for to be release Dec 19th or 20th.  We have decided in January to add Windows 2016 support to version 9.2.

  • OK, very happy about 9.2 not being left in the cold when 9.4 isn't even out yet. Thank you!

    Waiting until January will be a bit frustrating, but... *shrug*

  • Welcome to 12/20.  Update?

  • They've release - help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

  • For those of us still on Kaseya 9.2 (planning to upgrade to 9.4 later this year), are you still planning on adding support for Server 2016 in January? If not, can you give us an updated ETA for Server 2016 support in 9.2? The last patch for 9.2 was released December 8, 2016. We have several servers running this OS that we're unable to manage / put into production for our clients.