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Kaseya Web Interface Ticket Logging

  • Hi,

    I am trying to get end user to log tickets via the "agent menu" on their machines. I've gotten as far as having the link opened to log a ticket. It opens the page but there are problems with "getting the ticket across".

    Are there any templates or tutorials for the folder that handles the ticket logging ? As in where can I specify SMTP settings, server details. How is the database accessed for login purposes ? How is the communication/authentication handled between the Kaseya server and the website ?

    I would like to recode that what I have, into PHP. I believe the defaults are used at the moment, which were slightly configured to be using the companies logo and theme.

  • Hi  

    Did you find the details you were looking for on this?

    I am not quite sure what you are after specifically or what ticketing system is currently being implemented? (Ticketing/Service Desk, something else?)