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Win10/Kaspersky Update

  • Still no word on a 9.1 release date?

  • Well, we've been told a 9.1 release for this fix is not in the works and may never be released.
    It seems there is a lot of work to be done to also incorporate it in 9.1.
    On a sidenote 9.3 will include a rewriting of the security modules, that would take care of some performance related issues.
    This will take some 2,5 months to get released, though.

    Is there a problem for people on 9.1 to make the transition to 9.2?
    Our recent experiences are quite positive, but we don't use everything, ie KNM is one thing we're just playing with at this time.
    We did understand there is an  issue with the latest KNM version in 9.2 - but I don't have this information right now...

  • We were told on 13/01 that there are plans for KAV for win10 to be released for 9.1 by the end of January.

    Although I am not holding my breath.

  •  thank you for providing your information on this.

    To clarify, there are plans to patch this for 9.1 and as  mentioned, the fix is currently available for 9.2.

    We do not have a specific date on when this will be patched in 9.1.

    If you would like to get the latest updates on the 9.1 patch or know when it is available - I would advise creating a support ticket.

    The issue Eric is referencing in 9.2 with KNM is highlighted in the below thread:


  • Hi All,

    For the users subscribed running 9.1, we released patch, Friday, February 26.

    This patch should provide Windows 10 Support for KES/KAV on 9.1: