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Anyone else having issues with Support?

  • I put in tickets, it takes days and sometimes weeks or months before they even get assigned to someone ... In fact the last 4 tickets I put in the solution became irrelevant as the machines with issues were replaced BEFORE Kaseya Support even looked at the issue ... Case in point I have 1 ticket in right now that has been a bug in the system for over a year, but yet still no fix from Kaseya ... yes you saw right a BUG, everyone has this problem, yet no fix for it has been put out, it's because it's in a module that no one uses very much and it doesn;t make them any money ... so why bother fixing it ...

    Well, I can live with that one for now and even understand it ... but now there's a real issue and Support as usual, or should I say the one person who occasionally checks the queues and makes faux assignments to engineers that don;t really exist just to make it look like something is being done, has;t even checked the queue for about 2 weeks ... so I don;t even get the sense that something is being done because my ticket was assigned to someone, not even an acknowledgement that my ticket was submitted other than the auto-response.

    Sorry, I know I am ranting, but i have been a customer for a LONG LONG time and watched promise after promise of support will get better, and have only seen it get worse ... I wish I could go elsewhere, but I am too heavily invested in Kaseya to do so (which maybe is their plan too?) not to mention the fact when it works there is nothing out there better than Kaseya, or does as much as Kaseya does for IT Support MSPs .... I just wish they would for once fix the support issues they keep saying they will fix ...

    Now get off the forums and go find someone to fix my ticket!

  • I've been with my current employer about 9 months and have put in 2 tickets. Both have been frustrating. The second one I put in last week has yet to be assigned to an engineer. I suppose I will have to escalate because the issue involves recovering a backup.

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  • still having problems with both the interaction between Discovery and Network Monitor.

    ( created some tickets in the appropriated forums but....still ongoing....becoming very frustrating

    as nothing chances.....wonder whether forums are followed or even if management is aware

    because promising a lot but even what's present don't seems to work, nobody able to help.

    it's like the last patch one day we all will wake up and KASEYA won't startup anymore !!