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Alternative Multi-Factor Authentication for VSA access

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Has anybody had any luck using an alternative vendor (such as the Azure MFA) to gain access to the Kaseya VSA?

My current organisation relies on the MFA token elsewhere and we'd like to use it for the VSA but it seems that it doesn't want to play ball.

I've used AuthAnvil previously and it certainly does what it is supposed to but the new pricing structure is out of reach for us as we only need MFA for a half dozen or so engineers. We don't need, nor do we want to pay for access to, the full-blown add-in interface with windows client authentication for logging onto the OS etc.



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  • Hi Phil,

    I'm sorry that you feel like our new pricing model is out of reach for you. I'll certainly bring your point up with the leadership team. And, while I can't comment on third-party solutions, if there's anything else on your mind that's AuthAnvil-related, I'd be happy to listen.


  • As fas as I know Kaseya really doesnt support any standard external authentication methods so there is little luck to get any 3rd party MFA work.

  • The reality is that Kaseya charging for 2FA and requiring the use of Auth Anvil is ridiculous without regard to the cost.  A good example of how they should do 2FA is the model provided by Screen Connect.  You can choose your 2FA method email. Google, etc and it is built into the program.  It is a feature that should be built into Kaseya as well and should not cost additional dollars to gain access to it.  Very disappointed in  Kaseya trying to charge more for security that should be included.

  • I don't really care that they have and want to promote their own product, but it seems like they've deliberately put 0 effort into making their product compatible with other 2FA products out there.  Frankly, my company IT team would probably rather I drop Kaseya entirely and switch to a RMM that will support their 2FA they've rolled out company-wide than adopt another 2FA product on top of the one they already have.  

    And worse still, every time I've tried to get a quote for the AuthAnvil they want to stick me on a 3 year contract up front and then my IT department gets sticker-shock instead of just doing YoY.  It's like they're just deliberately doing everything they possibly can to get people to avoid buying this product.  

    This hardball they're playing over 2FA ends up meaning my customer sites are less secure and I am getting pressured internally to just drop the VSA product altogether.  Not sure if Kaseya ever listens to this, but this game they're playing over 2FA is absolutely not worth the trouble.

    And it's sad people are digging up 3 year old threads because this is still a problem and people called it out ages ago.  

  • That is true. I got a quote for AuthAnvil from kaseya and it is way expensive if want to use it for 10 users. With extreme pressure from my team we have started laying off add-on like KAV, KES, BUDR etc and rather switch to vendors directly which is way less expensive. Though there is an addition console we need to manage but that is what we system admins are here for. Wish Kaseya listen to all above remarks and try to bring down there price.

  • I'm in the same boat at Rajeev, we only have 10 users but we want our VSA secured. Please could you make Auth Anvil price effective for companies our size who want to protect their VSA from all the security hacks around at the moment????