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Windows 10 - Edge browser pop-up when launching KRC

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    Hi, Windows 10 Edge looks to have introduced a wonderful pop-up dialogue (shown below) when launching external apps like KRC. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to offer a 'remember and don't ask me again' option. Has anyone worked out a way to suppress this prompt?


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    I just ran a quick test with  and I'm not getting the UAC prompt on my domain-based Win10 Enterprise machine when he KRCs from a Win7 machine.  He's able to connect through to a shared session with me without issue.  My UAC setting is at the system default (the second option from the top).   Can you provide some additional detail regarding the UAC settings, version of Win10 being used, whether the target endpoint is workstation or domain, and (if domain) whether there are any GPOs configured which may be affecting UAC settings?  

    I found this old technet post that indicates Microsoft Security Essentials may be a culprit in forgetting the 'remember..." option.  I don't know whether that may be contributing to what you're seeing, but it's worth checking on:  social.technet.microsoft.com/.../uac-will-not-turn-off

    You might also try the command lines indicated in that article (they appear to still be relevant) and/or try adjusting some of the setting via registry to see if those make any difference:  technet.microsoft.com/.../dd835564(v=ws.10).aspx

    We'll try to reproduce the issue you're seeing in an effort to determine ways to circumvent, but at this point it seems there must be a way to get around it since I'm not seeing the same behavior as you're reporting.  We'll let you know what we find with more testing.



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  • Brande,

    I believe he is talking about using KRC from a Windows 10 machine.  On my Windows 7 machine I was able to check a do not show again or whatever button, but in Edge there appears not be an option for that.


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    Thanks for the clarification.   and I will do some additional testing and follow up with our findings.



  • I can confirm I am also seeing this on my Win10 Enterprise and Win10 Pro systems. A quick google search indicates there is currently no way to turn this off. I recommend putting in a feedback request to MS through their built in feedback app in Win10.

  • and I were just able to test this running KRC from my domain-based Win10 (Enterprise) machine to his domain-based Win7 (Professional) laptop.  I did not receive a pop-up when connecting to 's machine.  We also tested connecting to an agent from a 9.1 server but where the agent was still at 9.0, and attempted to connect to an agent from an R8 server to an agent running the latest R8 software.  I did not receive the UAC pop-up in any of these tests.

    My Win10 machine was upgraded from Win7Pro, keeping all files and programs from the prior version.  It's possible I have a cached UAC setting to not display the pop-up from the prior OS install.  I'm curious to know whether you are seeing this pop-up on machines upgraded from prior OSs, or if they're clean installs; if from prior OSs, was KRC launched from that device and the UAC option to never remind enabled prior to the upgrade?  I'm only theorizing at this point, and know you may not remember all those details, but it's worth asking in the event anyone can lend credence or shoot down this theory.

    With regard to the registry settings that might come into play per the technet article here (technet.microsoft.com/.../dd835564(v=ws.10).aspx), my machine has the following values:


  • Thanks everyone for the responses.

    I don't believe there is any option to control this behaviour via registry or policy at this stage (or probably for some months to come) so I wrote a quick AutoIt script to click the 'Yes' button for me when this window pops up.

    Here's the code for anyone who's interested. I can provide a compiled .exe if requested but given the security landscape these days I'd suggest compiling yourself for your own peace of mind - should only take you a couple of minutes to download the bits (www.autoitscript.com/.../downloads) and compile.

    $xOffset = 500

    $yOffset = 140

    While 1

      $hWnd = WinWaitActive("Did you mean to switch applications?")

                   $wPos = WinGetPos($hWnd)



    Hope this helps someone :)


  • For the record - I have only noticed this pop-up on a fresh domain-joined installation of Windows 10 (Enterprise) - my other two Windows 10 systems (one upgraded from Windows 8.1 and one updated from an early Windows 10 Preview) don't exhibit the same behaviour and are both workgroup machines.

    So - not enough information to draw out anything conclusive at this stage.  

  • Just adding more info;

    My Win10 Pro machine shows this behavior, and it is NOT joined to a domain, and UAC is active.

    My Win10 Enterprise machine shows this behavior and it IS joined to a domain, and UAC is disabled (set to never notify).

    Both were clean installs (not upgrades)

  • I think I figured this out.

    You need to open the Kaseya VSA in IE and connect to a machine in order to get the prompt, uncheck the box to always prompt, then open the Kaseya VSA in Edge and the setting gets carried over now... no prompt.

  • I had this the first time that i connected but now it has saved my choice. suggestion looks very good and may fix the issue, as I upgraded my OS keeping settings, so it may have already remembered this.

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    Great find!

    If others can confirm this works, I will create a KB article providing 's suggestion as a work-around to the behavior.  



  • We ought to be able to find a corresponding registry value for that setting with Process Monitor.

  • Hi all. I do not see where a resolution was ever posted on this but I managed to find it. You will need to add the following registry key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ProtocolExecute\kaseyaliveconnect


    The suggestion about using IE to set the value so it would not prompt was the key. I already found a post on another website telling how to add a "file" key to get rid of the prompt. In this case, adding "kaseyaliveconnect" was the key (sorry for the bad pun ;-) ). Anyway, hope this is helpful. :-)