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How to manage client objections

  • We are a start-up MSP coming from a consulting world to the government sector. Hence we do not have a client base to convert to  MSP services. We do have a couple of initial meetings this week with potential clients in the faith based non-profit sector.  While we have Kaseya in place, good talent on-board and most of our 'i's dotted and 't's crossed, I am anticipating some possible objections due to our lack of established client base.  While I don't know for sure if these prospects will even inquire about current client base, I know if I was researching MSP's for my organization,  I would want to know about this as a reflection of ability to effectively manage for the long haul..

    Can anyone share any real-world suggestions on how to manage this and other potential objections that could arise for an emerging MSP?



  • , it is never easy starting with a clean slate.   I think these clients are going to buy you and your confidence.  Make sure you have your programs in order and you are displaying that confidence that your programs will work for them.   You could be upfront with them and explain that you are just getting started, but have lots of experience elsewhere.  Maybe offer them a sweet deal for the first year if they would be a reference account for you, and remind them that since you don't have any other clients, you will be VERY responsive to their needs!    Some may buy it, some may not.    Just find a few that will, and once you get that ball rolling, it will be much easier!    Best wishes!