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Does anyone know if R10 is still scheduled to release at the end of the month?  And if so, any ideas as to what new things it brings?

We're still on v6.3 here, but might start planning for a R10 upgrade now that the bulk of the RC issues seem to have settled down.

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  • Hmmm. I recognize at least some of the bug fixes in the release notes are also patches already issued to 9.0 -not new fixes.

    Most of the long-term bugs I've had tickets open for for months are confirmed not fixed in 9.1. So much for the webinar where Prakesh stated they are actively seeking bugs to be fixed and want them reported.....

    9.1 looks to me to be another "nothing" release, where there is nothing new of value (unless you want/use AuthAnvil) and we are once again told to wait for the "next announcement" in June which will supposedly have all these new features, fixes and enhancements. Sigh.

  • All,

    Thanks for the feedback. We are glad you all want to participate in the direction of our products and welcome your input.  We are here and listening.

    For those who missed it, R10 is actually being released as R9.1 and below is the link for the release notes. Each product on the right hand panel shows it's corresponding release notes for R9.1.


    Also for those who are looking to view the recorded Introduction to Kaseya R9.1 webinar, that link can be found below.


  • The "Full" R9.1 release notes are here help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp