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R9 - Reviews and Issues

  • Thanks Matt.

  • do not update to R9 if you use filters for patching. there is a serious problem that causes the page to error and not be able to approve/deny. we were told it "should be fixed" in the next official patch release that now isnt slated for release until 4/30. quite a joke the 2 week patch cycle has become.

  • Can you expand on that?

    We use filters in policy management to assign the correct patch policy to workstations vs servers. Would this bug affect us?

  •  - Please explain

    we use filters for policy and I've not seen any issues. I also use the filters in Patch Approval and haven't seen anything either. I'm on R9 < (only shows 9 if you do the sql query hack, Yet Another Bug "YAB")

  • same build and patch here, yet we didnt run the SQL fix to correct the display issue. the exact issue is that if you go to Patch Management>Patch Policy>Approval by Policy. choose the Policy from the drop down in the top left and then click pending approval. this should bring up a list of all pending patching for that policy you selected. if you are like us and have different tiers you need to click on the filter button at the top. we like to filter by release date for our patch rollout in our tiers. entering in and applying a date will cause the page to completely crash with a internal server error. there is no fix at this time and we havent been able to patch since we updated to R9

  • patch is now out. There is a bugfix for patch management:

    Fixed an error message that displayed when processing a note entered on the Patch Management > Patch Policy > Approval by Patch page. (IP-675/SVE-1963)

    So it looks like the bug found, is fixed?

    [edited by: Craig Hart at 4:38 PM (GMT -7) on Apr 22, 2015]
  • just applied it on our test server. still get  the same error. still have a case open for 24 days.

  • I did the exact steps you stated and mine filters everything just fine. What is the exact filter you are typing? For example, I entered

        > 20150101

    It returned only patches from 2015.

  • Interprom,  I agree with you, it is crazy that Kaseya has been having so many issues with the web interface, however I do know with 9.3 they are moving away from LC.  

    The issues with LC are due to the fact that chrome and Firefox no longer support 3rd party add-ons.  

    Although this has been coming for a while, and it would have been nice for Kaseya to be ahead of the curve and not behind it.