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R9 regarding email statements

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Our CEO and those of us in our company that manage Kaseya got an email, the email had the subject "Announcing Kaseya R9 with Enterprise Mobility Management and the New High-Performance Cloud!" and the specifc line he's questioning is:

  • New PSA integration provides an easy to deploy, simple to configure integration that connects Kaseya VSA to your PSA tool (Autotask or ConnectWise) delivering reliable two-way integration of tickets to help you respond faster and resolve issues more quickly.

Exactly what does this mean to on premise customers who have already been using DevIO's KPSA and now MSPassist to two-way ticket sync with Connectwise.  This statement seems to indicate that Kaseya now has it's own two-way ticket sync?


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  • It was mentioned in the recent R9 webinar, which hasn't been posted yet. I glossed over it as we don't use that feature, sorry...

    Hopefully as soon as the webinar is posted you will be able to find out more? community.kaseya.com/.../95496.aspx

  • I understand this is MSPAssist.  I don't think it will be included, just "approved by Kaseya".

  • The video has been up for a few days now here is a link to the part of the webinar that discusses it.

    It appears to be a sub to a cloud solution with a $1000 yearly subscription. What is interesting is that still requires that you have Service Desk even though Kaseya ditched its own internal version of it.

  • Correct- checked out the webinar.  It's the MSPAssist add-on.

    The link to the recorded webcast is in the PDF announcement they posted a few days ago.  

  • So there is even less that has been delivered in R9 as MSPAssist already existed, all Kaseya are doing is approving it!

  • I have heard through the grapevine that Kaseya had visioned/planned to have it's own version of something similar to KPSA or MSPAssist but pulled the plug due to possible support issues that could arise.  What's weird about this is that it's back on their "vision" for Sept 2015.

    I'm still hoping for an official answer from Kaseya.

  • Hi Chris.

    The service desk conversation has been done to death many times over. There is nothing sinister about it. Quite simply, Kaseya is not an MSP - our requirements are chalk & cheese compared to most of our customers.

    KSD is still used internally for Kaseya Staff much the same way that MSPs and Mid sized companies use KSD to support their users.

    Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this further


    Rachel Roberts