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This is my first post on Kaseya Community. Happy to be a part of it.  Kaseya is new to me and I have been learning through help documents. I am stuck at a point where I am unable to hide  EDIT & Reset option for a normal user at Kaseya.

Can you guys guide me to the right area to hide edit and reset option for a particular user?

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  • Welcome to the community, .

    Did you try looking in the appropriate documentation here: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

  • Roy85,

    I don't believe you can hide the Edit button as it's used for View creation.  However, when a view is created, it can be private or it can be shared.  If it is shared, only those individuals you Add can see the view.  You can optionally, as the author of the view, choose to allow other admins to modify the view OR you can allow them to use the view to filter the machines displayed but not see the definitions of the view and cannot edit it.  

    If the view is NOT shared, only the author (and, I believe, Master users) can see the view.  

    To share the view, select the view, click Edit, then click the Share button inside of the view definition window.

  • So how do I share a View with (for example) the Policy-Management User Role and allow them to Edit, and share the View with another User Role but allow them to NOT edit it?

    Making delegation of View Management to trusted others impossible.