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Anyone Running Kaseya 7.0 Have Any Thoughts?

  • anybody having problems since patch updates 17 & 18 !!!

    - performance issues ( intermittent blanc screens, etc )

    - agent procs no longer running / behaving as before / only running for some clients not for all

  • Running patch 20 and looking to confirm if anyone else has seen this issue:

    - two separate RC sesssions to the same company/org and both sessions end up sharing the same clipboard.

  • I can't reproduce that if two different techs are on it.  But of course if I myself am logged into two computers and I copy text on one session it goes to my local computer and also is shared with the other session.

  • @kuuser, interesting observation. My team can reproduce the issue between different members logging into separate sessions for the same company.

  • Hi, sorry to bring up an old(ish) topic, but did you ever get a resolution for your high-CPU utilization on java.exe?  We're experiencing the same problem, but our server goes completely offline and agents can't even check in... No change even after increasing the number of dynamic ports available...

  • Todd,

    Did you make any headway with the CPU issue? My KWEB server has had the same issues recently.

    Specify who I was speaking to.
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  • Which versio of JAVA are you using ?

    Be aware JAVA 8 is not yet supported. I encountered issues on my kserver and when preparing to upgarde to R9 a month ago I saw Java 7 had to be installed. I rolled back and issues dissapeared.