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Anyone Running Kaseya 7.0 Have Any Thoughts?

  • Sorry, I do not have the authority to make those decisions.


  • Most everything has been great. Upgraded a couple weeks ago, on premise. Haven't had any of the keyboard issues mentioned regarding the remote control. I did notice the Legacy Executive Summary does not allow us  to make edits to the "network health" section, have a ticket open, weeks ago, they said it is a known issue and sent off to engineering.  Otherwise, I am very happy.  Keep up the great work Kaseya!!

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    This is a known issue with IIS and Microsoft have released a fix for this. To apply the fix and update the server, please do the following,

    1. Download this update from microsoft - support.microsoft.com/.../2836939

    2. Once completed, install the patch

    3. Stop IIS

    4. Navigate to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files

    5. delete all the folders

    6. Navigate to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files

    7. delete all the folders

    8. Navigate to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files

    9. delete all the folders

    10. Reboot the server to complete the update of the patch

    You should now be ok

  • Settling for workarounds is just as ridiculous as removing RDP in the first place.  How about they just put the feature back in until the new remote control is a valid replacement?  

    I'm all for replacing VNC with a modern solution.  KRC seems to be aiming to be that.  But anyone in this business knows that VNC is not a replacement for RDP...

  • add me to the list of people frustrated about this decision

    - Jeff

  • The decisions this company continue to makes since the departure of Mark Sutherland continues to make their management team all look stupid.

    Only a person with an elementary level understanding of I.T. management would have approved the decision to remove RDP while their new product is incomplete, buggy and just down right junk.  I go as far as to say its the stupidest decision since LiveConnect was introduced.

  • Apparently I have come to add my voice to an established problem.  Losing RDP will become more than an inconvenience, soon the level of adjustment now required by us (because I feel we've been given a "Just deal with it" response) now means an impact on the bottom dollar.  The other folks here are right the product is solid (I almost didn't write this message) but RDP was (and still is) needed to complete our needs.

  • So turns out that (for those on-premise) there is an easy way to get RDP back, but I hesitate to post it here for fear that Kaseya will go to even greater lengths to disable it. I'm debating what to share and how.

  • Hi fisofo,

    You will help everyone here by sharing your knowledge how to keep using RDP.

    I would appreciate Kaseya making a smart decision, not unlike Microsoft when after a year they finally caved and put some form of the Start button back in Windows 8 and seem to really go back to Windows 7 style in Windows 9. Put RDP back in Kaseya! Really... It would give you some credit, where much is lost now!

    Any smokescreen answer why this isn't possible is just ego or money (as I posted earlier) and both are really the wrong reason to piss off so many users for a completely, utterly, manifestly inadequate replacement.....

    Varun? Brandon?

    Can you have Don LeClair give us a straight answer, because I haven't heard or seen it yet?

    So many of us have asked for this, complained about this and will keep on doing so, so address it already!

    The ostrich is a fine bird, but it's tactics are not to be used by a company that says they want to be open and honest, reliable, etc, etc....

    I don't expect anything, but this is my last attempt to wake up somebody, anybody....

  • I can't post it publicly; Kaseya has already deleted posts by others that explain how to do it.

  • Aha, really - that's taking this RDP-thing to extremes.

    I've seen a post with a VBS script and replacing 2 ASP files on the VSA.

    Is that the one you mean? Or is there a better way?

    Your welcome to email to me, if you think that's OK.

    I have no issue sharing one of my email addresses here: eric.denouden at gmail.com....

    Anyone wanting an update can ask me, I'll be happy to distribute.

  • There's a post on page 2 of this thread: community.kaseya.com/.../20209.aspx

    that purports to bring back RDP to the latest patch release.  I haven't tested as we don't run 7.0 yet.

  • Yes the Remote is now blazingly fast (if a little unstable) however my Biggest gripe is our kserver is now ALWAYS complaining its severely overloaded.  It wasn't before the update...now its dog slow.  Kaseya Support's recommendation was to remove Anti Virus......now I'm filled with confidence and no it didn't make a jot of difference when we removed AV.  If anyone has found a magic bullet I'd be grateful of some feedback.

  • We ended up doing a combination of two things that fixed it.  The first was to patch our system to and the second one (yes, hold your breath…) was to bump it up to 8 logical cores (it’s a VM).  While that seems outrageous for a front end server, it did the trick and I’ve noticed that when we have to reapply the schema, our 8000 agents check back in and settle down very quickly.  That’s what I have for what it’s worth.

  • PLEASE Kaseya, re-introduce RDP as soon as possible!
    VNC really lacks the performance of RDP.

    Also our managed clients are compaining why we installed VNC on their servers.Sad

    a bit to fast written due to the emotions about this subject
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