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Scope question

  • Hello all. I am looking for a little help.


    I woudl liek to create a scope that contains all organizations - similar to Master, but just a different name.  I see that I can create a new scope and manually add all of the organizations, but new organizations woudl not be added automatically - like they woudl be with Master scope.


    Is there any way to do this?


    Thanks in advance.



  • If you create a new Org under a non-Master scope, by setting your scope selection to that non-Master before you create the new scope, it will be accessible from both the non-Master scope you selected and the Master scope when you create it.

    So say we have a scope called "Default" that everybody uses and you mainly use the "Master" scope as your default, set your scope to "Default" before you create a new Org. The downside is if you want your staff to be able to create Org's and they don't have access to the "Default" scope...