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Supported Browsers on Windows 8

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What browsers are supported and confirmed to fully function with Kaseya 6.3 on Windows 8?  Is IE10 supported?

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  • bump... i'd like to know this too.


  • ^bump - I cant get all the Kaseya functions to work in IE 9 (like KDB restores)

  • Thus far, I've yet to see a browser that handles _everything_ in Kaseya without any issues..  Firefox has been my best bet thus far; Chrome seems to have more issues than the others this time around, which I found surprising.

  • I have been using IE10 on Windows 8 machines.  When IE10 is open, hit F12 and change the settings to IE9, IE8, whatever you think works best.  Then save your webpage shortcut to the start page or taskbar.  Then the next time you open the console it defaults to the older browser settings.  The other thing that helps with some things on the console is running in compatibilty mode (little broken page icon near address bar).  Results have not been as good using the IE app from the windows 8 start page.

  • Thank you for putting this post together @eperson.  I am anxious to understand where your browser plugins are failing on the various browsers.  The developers and I are committed to getting the plugins working as best we can.  Yes, we have ran into security situations over the past year as Chrome, Firefox, and IE keep changing their backend with every update causing KLC to break.  As I understand however, we have addressed all of these and it should be working on every platform (including Win8 & IE10).  

    If you are willing to create a ticket, I will insure you that the team will try and address it ASAP.   Post the ticket # to this forum or send me a DM with it.



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  • eperson, just checking in.  Were you able to create a ticket on the Live Connect issue?