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Network Traffic to KServer Increased on v6.3?

  • Hi,

    We have noticed that amount of internet traffic to our KServer has dramtically increased since we have upgraded to v6.3.

    Are others experiencing the same thing?

    Just trying to guage if we have a problem or not.  Support didn't seem to think there should any change.



  • Sorry forgot to say we are looking at roughly 4 times the traffic.

  • I just checked out logs and we have almost doubled the total traffic INBOUND to the Kaseya server since the upgrade.

    Not sure about OUTBOUND as yet as we have been upgrading all the agents....and this would skew the figures until the deployment is complete.



  • hey guys, I saw this thread and was curious since we've not upgraded just yet. Did you guys find the cause of the bandwith spikes? was it agent update/deployment for the new version? did it ever go back to normal?

  • I didn't notice any net effect from upgrading to 6.3. Suggest OP may have had a lot of scripts going on post-upgrade, or, perhaps the default agent checkin time was altered?