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Enabling Windows Firewall - Recommendations?

  • To increase security and virus protection on our client's networks were looking into enabling windows firewall. Anyone have experience with this or know if this will cause any problems with Kaseya?

    Also any useful scripts for managing windows firewall?

  • The kaseya agent works fine with the windows firewall.  We've never had to add any custom rules to make it work.  

  • Great. Any tips for enabling it through registry or command line?

  • from the command prompt:   Netsh firewall set opmode enable

  • advanced firewall control from command line:   support.microsoft.com/.../947709

  • Does "netsh advfirewall firewall" have to be used on windows 7?

  • Can i add an entire folder in windows firewall exclusions?

    For example i want to exclude/allow the entire C:\{KaseyaTempDirectory}\

  • firewall works on applications using UPNP or it works on ports...it does nothing with folders or files....