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Kaseya 6.3 Upgrade - How did yours go?

  • @Andrew as you have decided to go for a clean install then why don't you give a shot to run upgrade you will at minimum risk. During the wizard it will prompt you for any pre-requisite or fix required to be done. Once you fix those it will take you to the installation wizard. Take a full db and image backup of server or a snapshot if it is vm.

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  • Our upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3 went very easy. Our only issue was performance seemed to be affected. Not all the time but certainly at specific times of day. We have over 3000 deployed agents and our database is about 30GB.  We moved our database including transaction database to a RAID1 SSD array. This cured most issues.

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  • Did the 6.3 upgrade from 6.2. Dev did a great job on creating a wizard. Upgrade went smooth except for 2 warnings. One about having a second instance in SQL that was not Kaseya based (it was the report writer) and a piece was still installed from the Symantec Backup Exec monitor (which I uninstalled, then the warning went away.)

    Had problems with new 6.3 agents communicating with the VSA. After some hotfixes, it seems to smoothed out.

    Now that the install is done, per usual, its all the little stuff typical of a Kaseya upgrade. 8 years later after purchasing Kaseya, I think I will check out Labtech. Hopefully more stable and reliable.

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  • @Shickey, I feel the same, its time for a change. There has to be a better product out there and if not what a great opportunity to make one.

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  • The grass is always greener guys. It is getting much better reviews.  Kaseya is now obviously focusing more on its core and improving the product it has.  We understand the pain. With over 3000 agents deployed and a five year investment we have seen some troubled times.  But in the grand scheme of things, any problems we are currently having with Kaseya are far far outweighed by the time it saves us.  I do not want to even imagine the difficulty in changing to another system. would require a far superior system sold at much less the price.  That product certainly does not exist.

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  • @ James V The definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

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  • Was that really Albert Einstein?

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  • Has been attributed to Ben Franklin, the group AA, and author Rita Mae Brown. But seems the phrase "If first you don't succeed, fry, fry and egg!" sounds better. <jk>

    It is easy to focus on the bad but at the end of the day, it is the good that you can get out of the program that makes the difference. After attending the last KaseyaConnect it seems that Kaseya has gotten their house in order and listening to its end users better than they did before.

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  • I think SteveC is quite correct that it is easy to focus on the bad. At the end of the day Kaseya is doing what we want and expect it to do even if we had a few bumps along the way.

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  • Does not really matter if Einstein said it or not it is still savvy wisdom

    I have learned over the years that;

    1. You can only be successful when you surround yourself with greatness.
    2. A Software company is only as good as its support.
    3. Evolve or become extinct.
    4. Not to waste your time with people who are not prepared to listen to what you have to say and do something about it.

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  • The quote is most often attributed to Einstein but sometimes to Benjamin Franklin and sometimes to Rita Mae Brown.

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  • We are still running 6.2 and after reading all of the comments I am hesitant to upgrade!

    There are a few things modules that we currently use that cant be upgraded until we move to 6.3 so that is frustrating as the bugs in those modules cause us hassles

    The bug fix team at Kaseya must be busy boys

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  • @mark do be aware that this thread is almost 4 months old now, so most if not all of the items raised earlier in this thread are already sorted, so yes the dev team have been busy and its showing in that the latest series of updates have been getting far more reliable. Of course the challenge with on premises is that there are so many different factors involved, so every now and then something new crops up. The best way to figure out if you are likely to have a smooth upgrade is just take a copy of your system and upgrade it in a VM. It won't be exactly the same as a 'production' upgrade, but it should be done as a minimum, just to make sure there is nothing 'unique' about your system that might trip up the installer. Chances are if that VM upgrade goes straight through without any issues, so will your production upgrade. But as long as you plan it thoroughly, and have a good roll-back plan, there is little risk involved.

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  • Great point Ray. I'll go ahead and lock out more replies.  If there are newer issues that need to be discussed members should open that in a separate thread.

    Thanks everyone!!

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