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  • For full functionality, yes, I totally agree that a length of time is required to ensure full compatibility with the new OS... HOWEVER... there should still be limited functionality with the new OS, released as a patch / series of patches.

    At a bare minimum: Recognize that it's NOT server 2008, and instead Server 2012.  Any patch policies, profiles, views, etc, which are based on the OS being "Windows Server 2008" will now be running (or at least accessible) on these new servers.  Even if you can't process patch management, profiles, views, install software (AV / Backup / Etc...), or do advanced features, you still want to prevent these things from being attempted where the results may be unpredictable.

    Shouldn't have to wait for a full update to 6.3 to ensure that something doesn't get mucked up due to unaware clicking.

  • @ Kaseya

    I miss a information in the roadmap update! http://community.kaseya.com/p/roadmap.aspx

    Does version 6.3 support the Kagent installed on a windows 2012 server?

  • Good catch.  Sorry we missed that.  Yes, 6.3 will support Agents on Server 2012.  Roadmap has been updated.

  • Thanks brendan,