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Detect 'Remote Control' programs - omnibus script?

  • Greetings;

     I have been tasked with detecting 'other remote control software' on client machines.   I am sure this has been done and done well before me, and don't want to re-invent the wheel.  If anyone would care to share their methods for doing so, I would be grateful. 

    Thanks in advance!

  • Great Idea ... *push*

  • I have created views in the past for LogMeIn and pcAnywhere specifically. That's probably not the silver bullet you're looking for. I think we will need to build a list of known remote control solutions and go from there...

  • It would be awesome if anyone who had built such a view or script could share their results.  Then we could all compile them together, and benefit.  SMason, would you mind posting your views?

  • I would think that all legitimate 'name brand' remote control software will register itself in add/remove programs list? I just wonder if using the Software reports with a filter might be a good idea first? Using Agent Procedures will be very robust and easy to fine-tune, however they will be very vendor/version specific so you may have to continually update with new names/versions/detection methods as things change if you intend to rely on the list in future.

    To get an 'exhaustive' list of every remote control product out there is going to be quite a task, there are a lot, and there are new names popping up all the time that are complete unknows. Start doing google searches for remote desktop, remote control etc. and start digging through them and you'll see the list starts to grow pretty quick, names like; wdps, ammyy, gidsoftware, netopia, crestron, rac, anyplace.... to name a few.

    I guess the question has to be, what is the list for? Is it for licensing? Security? Compliance? Depending on what you are trying to achieve perhaps others might be able to suggest best methods to get the end result you are after.

  • @Ray -

    Thank you sir, for your response.

    I live in the world of MSP's. We have to adapt or die, pretty quickly.  My hope in posting this was to get a few folks who would post their own scripts that they use for when MSP's take over a new account.  We could be dealing with anything.  

    Mr. Barber, I would suggest that your response is appropriate for the Big Enterprise world, but not really appropriate for the MSP world.   My hope is to get people like me, who are dealing with real world problems like me, to come forward and post their results.   We in the Small Business world are just trying to get a handle on who has what.

    Responses like yours, I would suggest, are why small business folks don't feel comfortable speaking up and posting their results.  Even though it may be the case that our results may wind up benefiting Enterprises such as yours.

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  • @Connor: I think Ray did not say anything wrong. i'm a small "TINY" msp too, but each thing you monitor must have any goal. so what is your goal? licensing? security? audit? ... i'm very interested in that list too .... my goal would be AUDIT for SECURITY purposes to detect ANY remote control software and kill them if they not allowed.

  • Have to agree with Ray & Kai on this one.  Why do you need to gather this info?  If you don't look after too many machines you should be able to run reports on the installed apps showing things like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC etc.  We have far too many machines to check this but we do look over the machines when we onboard the customer.

    Most remote control applications run as a service so you could use a procedure to grab the list and search for the processes and store what's on these machines in a custom field.  I have a similar procedure that does this for exchange versions and general server processes like DNS, DHCP etc. This could be altered easily but it's finding the list of services that takes time.