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@ Brendan > Roadmap

  • Hi Brendan,

    a update of the "Roadmap" would be nice. Smile

    I am interested in following:

    • Stage and relase date of K. 6.3
    • Stage of KSBR
    Thanks and regards
  • I think a lot of people would like to know

  • Test Pilots were invited to Phase 1 of 6.3 Controlled Release that supposed started this past Monday (7/16).  We had to opt out as not all add-on modules were supported yet but glad to see progress.   I'm also interested in the Roadmap update for KNM 5.0, it seemed very close at Connect so hopefully Controller Release for it will be starting soon as well.

  • Hi Jilderton,

    thanks for your feedback


  • @Richard - Just back from a week's vacation.  I'll look into getting some updates on the roadmap.

  • Yes, I have KVMM 0.9 (test pilot) and I understand KES 2.3 is also in test pilot stage ... but no roadmap updates there either.

    In my mind it would pay to add 'at test pilot stage' to your roadmap - this does two things: it shows end users that progress is being made, and informs end users that they too can participate if they join the test pilot program.

  • @ Brendan - Ok ... thanks a lot!

  • Hi Brendan,

    Any progress on the roadmap? it's about 1,5 months ago. love to hear any progress on Kaseya 6.3, Kes 2.3, Storagecraft, KNM 5.0 etc....



  • The product marketing team is just prepping some updates for the roadmap now.  

  • Thansk for the update Brandan!

  • ...and a week later, still no roadmap updates. Honestly, these things need to happen in days, not months. The biggest single complaint I hear here, is Kaseya's extrmely long response times, and so it is once again....   :/  community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx

  • Still working on them sorry! Not meaning to be tardy, just have to co-ordinate with a lot of people to get the information for you. Final discussion around updates is happening today to ensure that the information is correct, then it will take a day or two to put words together and get the web team to update the pages. So it's on the way and will be with you all very soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • C'mon Ray we all know you just use a random date generator to create these.  Only kidding with you.  Good to know it's in your hands!!!!

  • Hi Guys,

    maybe an option to update just a single module if there is news and not the whole map every time, so you don't have to co-ordinate with a lot of people.

    Its now almost 2 months ago for the last update. I honestly don't think there is any progress to tell??  After Kaseya Connect there where tons of things announced are you all on holiday or something?? Just tell us the progress even if its means that its not going well??? Thats also communicating! My advise try for example every 1st of the month to update the roadmap and if something is done announce it in between.

    I am starting to believe that i can use 6.3 in 2013 and not this year?



  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. We'll certainly consider your suggestions on the update process/timings. In this case, as we are talking about a platform update with 6.3 many of the updates involve all products as everything needs to be compatible with and be tested on the new version.

    We have all the necessary information for the update now and it is being formatted for the Roadmap portion of the site, you will see it appear very soon.


    Ray Barber