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User Profiles in VSA remain after user deletion

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Has anyone ever seen an issue whereby they delete a VSA user and their profile folders as shown on the Info Center, Agent Procedures, and Monitoring modules is not also deleted?  Also, have you seen it where those same folders are moved to another user's folder?

Please let me know.

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  • That behavior is by design. The deleted user's stuff goes to the admin's account who did the deleting.

  • I see this whenever I delete a user.  I've never had the user profile "stuff" move under my account though, as SMason suggests.  The profiles usually land near the top of the alphabet in a seemingly random user profile.  It's very annoying, and I've opened at least two tickets with Kaseya support for the issue.

  • jhardee,

    This is exactly what we are seeing.

    Have you ever opened a ticket with Kaseya support?

    Please let me know.

  • I don't think I've ever opened a ticket specifically for this issue, but I have opened tickets for the residual effects of this issue.  For instance, I currently have a ticket open for "Delete myReports folders for removed user accounts" because I don't want to spend all day deleting 100 folders that have randomly appeared under a top-level folder (which I can't delete).

  • jhardee,

    I opened one as well.  Ticket # CS105508 for your reference.

    Thanks again!