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  • I don't see BUDR in the Roadmap. Is that now called KOB? Are the licenses the same?
  • Stay tuned.  There are some very specific details for Kaseya Backup that will be made public shortly.  KOB is Kaseya Online Backup.  Licenses are not the same.

  • Thank you.

  • Hopefully BUDR in IT Center will be soon! :)

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but from the way I interpret the Roadmap it looks like BUDR development is dead. It's to be replaced with yet another module.

  • shadow protect

  • Yeah. And Shadow Protect and BUDR are not the same, correct? I'm getting a bit concerned about the apparently short shelf life of the various modules.

  • Kaseya Backup (formerly called BUDR but renamed in 2010) is different from the new module powered by StorageCraft.  Kaseya Backup is still available and has been our only OEM backup product to date. (7+ years)  Kaseya Online Backup is our product without any OEM engine. (1 year ago) The OEM partnership with StorageCraft is new.  

  • Thanks, Brendan. I understand that "Kaseya Backup" is still available but I don't see it on the Roadmap. To clarify, is development dead for "Kaseya Backup"?

  • im glad i love storagecraft ... sorry for steeling you thunder Brendan

  • This stance from Kaseya is absolutely insane.  Not acceptable at all.  Why would we buy a module from kaseya and pay for maintenance, just so that when Kaseya changes directions they charge us all over again by calling it a new product name.  At least if we buy ShadowProtect directly, we know we can get updates and support for as long as StorageCraft is in business.  This stance on BUDR and KES is one of the main things that drove a wedge between us and Kaseya.

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