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If we want to automatically apply a policy to a machine, am I right in thinking that we just need to assign a machine group to a policy and then add that machine to the machine group? That policy then gets applied with all the settings?

How quickly are those changes applied to the machine? Is it on the next checkin? (30 seconds here).



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  • When creating the policy you can hit apply now which applies that policy. Otherwise the default deployment is set to 1 hour.

  • So the time between moving a machine to a group, and having the default policy apply to that machine is up to one hour? wooooooaohhhh

  • Yeah, you can go into the settings and change it. But default is 1 hour and that's what a kaseya tech also suggests

  • To be precise, and fair to kaseya, it would appear that new machines to a group have the policy updated every 5 mins and that existing machines have the policy re-applied (thats what I'm assuming by the term Compliance Check) every 120 minutes. 


    The former interests me the most. Great.

  • i believe if you apply a policy to a group the policy gets applied to all the machines pretty much straight away no matter if you clicked now or later .( i logged a support call about this ) but if you apply the policy to a empty group then add agents to it, then the machines will get the policy at the interval time

    the compliance check does not reapply the policy if it's out of compliance you'll just know it's no longer in compliance with the policy. ether because someone manually changed some thing or because the policy was never applied correctly in the first place