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How can I add portuguese-brazil language support to my Kaseya Server?

This question is not answered



I've searched on wiki, download center and forum sessions and did not find any answers.


Appreciate your help!




Patrick Habran

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  • Patrick you need to go to the System tab > Preferences (usually the default screen in System) then choose your language from the drop down.  You may need to download the package first.

  • Thank you, Alistair.

    I already did that. The problem is to find the package for download. I can't find it.

  • It downloads and installs the package in the background.  You just need to press the download button, wait for the download to complete and apply itself, close that window, move to another function then go back and it should be waiting for you.

  • Because of my firewall, it can't be downloaded through Kaseya software. With proxy support that would be possible, but w/o proxy settings, no way. I need to do it manually.

  • @Patrick - I'm sorry but the language packs are downloaded through the VSA's web page which then also sets up the DB to make the system aware of the language pack.  We don't have a stand alone installer for the language packs.

  • Do you know which address/port server needs to download these packs? I can open these ports on firewall and free access.