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6.2 update and the 'consolidated' machine group list

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Hi all,

We updated recently to v6.2 and one of the features I was looking forward to doesn't seem to be working as expected.


From the release notes:

Machine Group drop‑down list in Agent Filter

The Machine Group drop-down list in the machine ID / group ID filter at the top of every agent page has been changed to only show the machine group for an org, if that org has only one machine group.

Orgs with multiple machine groups still display both the parent org and all machine groups. This allows the org to be optionally selected to include all the machine groups.


We have many organisations with a single machine group, yet these are still displaying separately (both as an organisation and as a machine group) in the drop-down list, contrary to the advice in the release notes. Am I missing something?



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  • Ah ignore me - I found the option to turn this on under the system -> default settings tab.