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PSA Integration (Autotask)

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Do we have an ETA on when PSA Integration will be actually released - most specifically with AutoTask? Level integrated beautifully into AT and this is one piece I REALLY need to be finished.

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  • Gerald,

    I have been using AUTOTASK for FOUR YEARS, and KASEYA for ONE.


    There is an Acceptable E-Mail Integration with AutoTask from Kaseya Ticketing which Kaseya (YOU) will break if I use Service Desk or KNM 4.1.

    PLEASE commit some resources to Working with Autotask to create at least an equal E-Mail Integration with Service Desk.

    I agreed to PAY FOR  PSA Intergration (AutoTask), and KNM, both of which Kaseya decided GIVE AWAY.

    Kaseya has made HUGE FORWARD PROGRESS in the last YEAR, but is getting ready to LOCK OUT AUTOTASK-KASEYA Partners, because we



    Thank you in Advance for Your Response.

  • I am in the same boat as we are not able to get Autotask to work with service desk and losing options fast.

    We need this to work or we can not work.

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  • Hello Frank.

    Sorry - i don't understand really what you writing.

    Only for me, so that not wrongly unterstood something. Kaseya switches there API so Autotask can no longer access it? Or whatelse?!?

  • Hello Kai,

    In the message Posted by Paul Haaker replied on 2-4-2012 5:08 PM he documents a working AUTOTASK-KASEYA TICKETING E-mail

    integration with a SELF GENERATED Alarm Closure Proceedure.  His works better than my Autotask - Kaseya integration because he has

    worked out AUTOMATIC ALARM Closure with I'm guessing an AGENT PROCEEDURE on his VSA Server to Close Alarms on Closed Tickets.

    Kaseya Documentation for Service Billing, KNM 4.1, and Service Desk ALL SAY THEY DISABLE the KASEYA TICKETING functionality.

    Kaseya has provided NO CURRENT Method to Accomplish the SAME EMAIL ONLY INTERGRATION when using SERVICE DESK.   There MAY BE FUNCTIONALITY but it IS NOT PUBLISHED where the user community can access it.

    Frank Barden

    Net Pros, LLC

    PS:  Something Kaseya has done VERY WELL is the KLC Speed and Reliability Update POST by Brendan Cosgrove on Dec 28, 2011

    community.kaseya.com/.../klc-connection-relay-improvement-patch.aspx  ROCKS, It has doubled our KLC efficiency

  • Hello Frank.


    I'll call my sales rep...

    KLC patch - rocks here too ... ;-)

  • We will be activating Service Desk shortly so as an interum solution this is what we hope to acheive.

    1) Alarm Creates SD Ticket

    2) SD emails Autotask and Autotask Creates corresponding ticket ( You can include SD Ticket Number and MonitorAlarmID in email Subject)

    3) Autotask Ticket is closed

    4) Autotask Emails Kaseya SD

    a. you will need to

    i. ensure that the following is included in either the subject or body of the email  :  ~ticid='xxx' .. where xxx is the original ticket number created in step 1

    ii. Have some text i.e. “Autotask Closure Note” as part of the message as well

    b. This will append  a note to the existing ticket with the content of the email

    5) Now a Sub-procedure can run on the SD triggered by “Ticket Change”

    6) The Sub procedure would look at ALL Notes and see if it finds one containing “Autotask Closure Note”

    7) The Sub procedure can then change Status and Stage to Closed plus as it also knows the original Alarm ID it can close the Alarm as well.

    This all assumes that Autotask will send the email when it closes it’s ticket , and that autotask can include the ~ticid='xxx' in the subject/body .... but conceptually it would work.

    So with a bit of lateral thinking we can have a working solution for Autotask with SD activated.

  • I have a working example of this now if anyone is still interested

    Email me at paul@enfusion.co.nz


  • Kai,

    When Kaseya Service Desk is Enabled it DISABLES TICKETING.  That breaks the current Ticketing Based E-Mail Integrations we have with Autotask.

    At least the  Status Quo with Ticketing will do round trip closures.  I am using the KNM 4.0 Freestanding, and need to move to KNM 4.1 but CANNOT

    without losing AUTOTASK and my other Autotask Integrations.

    Kaseya is FORCING US to use Service Desk (or lose the use of the KNM licenses we have), and Ignoring the Consequences.

  • Paul,

    I am very interested.   I am getting ready to provision a Test Server for Integrating KNM 4.1 and VSA 6.2.

    Could you share what you can?


  • I'm literally to my wits end with PSA Integration between Kaseya and Autotask tbh

  • Procedure Autotask_Forward_Example.xml


    OK .. here's a simple solution.

    You will need to change the Stage Entry and Ticket Change Procdures

    To 2 most important parts are

    1) The Email sent to Autotask MUST include ~ticid='[$TicketId$]'  in the message body ( I did this by editing the "New Ticket" email template) as this needs to be sent back to Kaseya to get it to close the ticket

    2) The Message coming back from Autotask MUST have the string "we have completed your ticket regarding" in the message ( this could be any string to identify the ticket as being but the example used is part of Autotasks default message)

    3) Autotask must have a Notification Template and Service Desk Workflow Rule configured to send a message on when the Autotask Ticket Status is set to Complete


    Here are my 2 examples



  • Procedure Autotask Ticket Closed.xml

    And here's the other script ...