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KLC in 6.2

  • ANyone seeing reliability issues in KLC after 6.2?


    In all browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Chrome Mac, safari Mac etc etc we see similar issues.

    Mainly that KLC tells us that the plugin at the other end is being updated. It tells us this alot. Sometimes it will tell us that the plugin has been updated, then tell us immediately it's updating it again. Sometimes a machine will work for 10 minutes only to have the "Updating plugin" faded box appear mid-session or to appear the next time you connect via KLC despite there being no KLC updates in the mean time.


    We have more mac probs than we did have in 6.1 (keyboard issues have spread to safari intermittently, chrome throws up blank windows).


    This happens on about 5 machines and about 15 browsers between them. Any one else having probs?



  • Same here with KLC issues. I did the upgrade last night and now I am regretting it. We have customers who use our interface who are having all sorts of problems with KLC now was well. It seems when we click on a machine, it opens a new browser window and then tries to load the modules, then bombs out with a popup window stating "Task Manager- Unable to Connect" then an OK button (which, of course is useless).

    This is a huge problem and I am hoping Kaseya engineers can address this sooner than later.

    Good luck!


  • what gets me is that we've been practically begging to get on the beta for this for ages. When you have users who are so keen to get involved in making sure the package works at release, and have the time to raise issues (we love a good moan) then Kaseya should really be including them. Certainly a wider beta group would have picked up these issues before.

  • Indeed. Thankfully, I haven't heard anyone in my company having any other issues but the LiveConnect one which I am working with support about. Not that it is by any means an  insignificant one.

    I had one user who got the white screen when logging in, that was all. That is a somewhat easy fix. Just go to


    Then click Default at the very bottom.