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Login Area Missing. Left top corner of main page is showing blank.

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The login area for our Kaseya Server doesn't show. We can't type in the username and password on the physical server, I found 'Kaseya MessageSys Admin Service' is showing 'Starting'. I have resarted the kaseya physical server and that service is still showing 'Starting'. I am not sure whether the kaseya hotfix installed last night or windows update installed early this morning caused the problem. 

We are on  Kaseya Verison 6.1. Any helpful idea will be highly Appreciated.




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  • On your KServer, in the start menu, try the "Reinstall Database Schema" shortcut.  This is essentially the same as clicking "Reapply Database Schema" from the configure link inside the VSA... only you can't get to that page right now.

    Question - is your DB hosted on the same server? Or offloaded?

  • DB is on the other server. it is a 64 bits sql 2008 server. thanks.

  • I did that and restart the physical server. the problem still exists. do you think it is worth to try 'Hotfix and Reapply databse scheme'? thanks

  • Absolutely, i don't think it would hurt.  At this point you probably want to get support involved as well.

  • yes, a ticket has been raised yesterday and they move it to critical issue alreaydy.

  • Hi Yang,  I have encountered the same issue, did it have resolved?